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Our Approach


We meet with you to discuss all aspects of the brief in addition to company history, goals, objectives strategy and culture.  We question and challenge where necessary to ensure that the brief will address the issues facing your business.

Research and Mapping

As every search is unique we will always start our research from scratch.  We will seek out every recruitment business within a sensible commute that has a presence in the target market, look at the people in that business and map out who will be most relevant for the role.  After week 1 we will provide an update detailing all the companies we have shortlisted for further investigation. We will regularly update you with how the mapping is going and will have it completed within 2 weeks.  We will then send you the completed list and we can talk it through (either on the telephone or face to face) to see if there is anyone you would like us to prioritise, if you've met with anyone previously, or if there is anyone you would want to avoid. 


Once we have agreed the long list we will start approaching people.  This is done through a variety of ways but we will always look to leverage our network and get introduced to the targets where possible.  We will have an initial telephone conversation with the targets to gauge their interest/suitability and then arrange to meet them face to face to give them more information and get 'buy in'.  Once we have confirmation that they want to progress we will present them to you. 


As we will be working with candidates who hadn't been considering a new role until we approached them, we would suggest that the first meeting is always an informal one over a coffee to see if there is synergy before moving it on to a more formal process.  We will advise you on the candidate's motivations and doubts and work with you to ensure that the process is as positive an experience as possible for the candidates.  We will arrange interviews and provide full and honest feedback at all times.  


We will advise on the best way to secure the candidate including salary, commission, benefits, job title etc.  We will highlight any potential problems and work these through with you, and make sure that you are in the best position possible to make a hire where all parties are happy.  We know that the resignation process can be a fraught one and offer comprehensive support to make it as smooth as possible.

A summary of expected time frames: 

Weeks 1 - 2 Mapping
Weeks 3 - 6 Approaches
Weeks 6 - 8 Face to face meetings arranged
Weeks 8 - 12 Interviews, offers, acceptance and resignation